Selecting A Satellite TV Receiver

satellite tv receiverEven if you are not interested in getting satellite channels, there are still many reasons why you might want to opt to get a satellite TV receiver. For example, with one of these receivers you can get crystal-clear reception on your TV without having to subscribe to cable service. If you choose one with recording capability you can also record your favourite shows so that you can watch them later when it is more convenient for you. If you have an HD-capable TV, you can use the satellite box to upgrade TV signals to high-def quality.

Here are the features that you need to consider when buying a satellite receiver:

• Amount of storage space. You should choose a recordable receiver with as much internal memory space as possible so that you can record many hours of TV before having to go through the cumbersome process of deciding which files to delete. In order to maximize memory, you might want a receiver that allows you to specify recording quality, since standard def takes up less memory than high-def recording. Some recorders may also be able to skip through the commercials, only recording the program themselves to save even more memory space. A receiver with 1-TB of internal memory can hold up to 1,000 hours of standard def video.

• Able to fast-forward, pause and rewind live TV programs. This is useful if you are unable to watch your favorite TV shows at the time that they start. With this feature you can not only catch up with the parts that you missed, you can review certain parts and even pause the program to get a closer look at certain details. You can also avoid commercials by fast-forwarding through them.

• USB compatibility. You can connect external devices to the receiver so that you can record programs onto a separate hard drive or flash drive as well as use features like subtitles and parental control.

• Remote control features. You can use mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones to operate the receiver, setting recording times or asking the device to start recording as long as it has infrared remote capability. To take advantage of this feature, however, you may need to download and install an app on your mobile device. Alternately you can look for receivers that work with multi-room extenders, which can control multiple devices using infrared remotes with RF through walls, ceilings and floors.

• Easy user interface. In order to be able to maximize all the features of the receiver, the user interface should be easy to navigate. At the least it should have an easy to comprehend user’s guide or a dashboard with simple to use controls.

To be able to maximize your satellite receiver, however, you should also have an HD TV. These days, virtually every program airing on TV is in high-definition which offers more vibrant images as well as superior audio quality. If you have a home theatre setup, you can enjoy movie-quality 5.1 Dolby surround sound. If you are considering buying a new TV you should purchase the television and the receiver as a set to ensure they are compatible.

You might also want to buy receivers produced by satellite TV services such as those from DIRECTV or Dish Network. This could save you some money since if you subscribe to them you might be able to pay only for the services rather than having to avail of a contract plan that comes with a receiver attached. However, some services might still charge leasing fees or extra charges for having additional receivers in your home.

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